PODCAST: Terry McCarl

This week on KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com we welcome Terry McCarl to the studio. This show has everything you can imagine including childhood stories, family, racing, promoting and everything in between. Terry even mentions a possible new race coming soon for sprint car fans ready for real racing. So, grab your favorite beverage and snack, sit back and enjoy this extended episode of KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com

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  1. Mike, I missed Terry Mc Carl’s interview early this spring. Bob Berryhill was telling me about it via messenger the other day. I can not find it on the Page. Bob said I should listen to it . Is it available anywhere on your site?
    I hope to come to the Nationals in August if my health will allow. I haven’t been to a race since Nationals 2014. That’s a long time to be without the smell of ethanol in you nose. I enjoy listening to your interviews.
    Isn’t that Bob Baker a good man? Hall of Fame Board was smart when they hired him. I visited a lot of Tracks all over the United States in my 30 years of racing and always had a special feeling when I went to Knoxville.
    Could be because my Father was born in Albia, Iowa in 1910. All my Grandparents on Dad’s side of the family are buried there. I used to stop every year and pay my respects to them. They were all Strong Americans. Most of them coal miners at Old Buxton Coal mine in the late 1880’s. Dad started working in that mine at 12 years old. Quiet a family history in that area. Thanks for doing your shows. They help keep everyone in the loop at Knoxville’s goings on. Chuck Merrill

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