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PODCAST: Kerry Madsen

This week on KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com we welcome Kerry Madsen to the studio.

PODCAST: Terry McCarl

This week on KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com we welcome Terry McCarl to the studio. This show has everything you can imagine including childhood stories, family, racing, promoting...

PODCAST: John McCoy, Race Director/Promoter of Knoxville Raceway

This week on KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com, John McCoy, Knoxville Raceway Director/Promoter, joins us in studio. We have conversations about his history in sprint car racing, officiating,...

PODCAST: The 2020 change in the flag stand at Knoxville Raceway

As Doug Clark exits the flag stand at Knoxville Raceway, his son Justin will take the lead this year. They both join us on...

PODCAST: KnoxvilleDirtDigest.com podcast debuts tonight

Joe Beaver is the first guest for the new podcast on knoxvilledirtdigest.com. We talk to Joe about when he started racing, his first time at Knoxville, his first win, his dad, his championship, his fundraiser and more.

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